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Part 2 of Our Survey Results! - 11/23/2015

Flow Cytometers Without Compromise

Stratedigm was founded in 2004 with the mission to create flow cytometry products that break from convention. We believe that having to choose between compact yet low-end, or bulky yet high-end flow cytometers is an artifact of compromised design. Since 2008, Stratedigm has launched a comprehensive product line of flow cytometry platforms, all driven by the same intuitive software, enabling easy standardization across all of our products. Based on a foundation of patented, future-proof platforms with industry-leading performance, our product suite offers seamless upgradeability across our S1000 flow cytometers. With the industry’s most advanced high throughput plate loader and hotel, the S1000 family of flow cytometers go head-to-head with BD FACS Canto, BD LSR, and BD Fortessa flow cytometers at a fraction of the cost and size while offering a superior solution for conventional and high throughput flow cytometry applications. This is the power of cytometry without compromise. The vision and execution of six generations of the most advanced flow cytometers on the market today. “Cytometry without compromise” is not merely our mission statement, it is our passion; it is our decade long legacy.

Investment Protection

Stratedigm offers unlimited upgradeability and compatibility among our legacy S1000, S1000EX, and our latest S1000EXi flow cytometers. The unique patented architecture of Stratedigm’s flow cytometers allows for flexible, incremental upgrades for any Stratedigm S1000 series flow cytometer – now or in the future!